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Purchase a “Pays-For-Itself” Screening Kit!

We want it to be easy to show For Memories’ Sake for your genealogical society, photography club, church, or any other organization or group!

We deeply understand the financial constraints of small organizations, so we’ve created special screening kits that are essentially free and that contain everything you need for a great event (copies of the DVD, hand letter-pressed posters, study and discussion guides, etc.).

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: While you do have to pay to order a kit, each Community Screening Kit “Pays-For-Itself” because it includes enough extra DVDs to sell at the screening to cover the cost of the kit. All proceeds help us continue our outreach and efforts to make new films!

“Pays-For-Itself” Screening Kit: $99. Includes 1 community- licensed DVD, 5 regular DVDs, 2 hand letter-pressed movie posters, and 10 postcards (while available). You can sell the 5 extra DVDs for $20 at the event so that the kit “PAYS FOR ITSELF”! (This kit is licensed for organizations and congregations doing free screenings. Not for school or library use.)

Because For Memories’ Sake explores a number of topics and issues, this film is great for those interested in Southern culture and history, women’s studies, genealogy, art history and philosophy (aesthetics), and photography/documentary studies or the themes of urbanization, the decline of agriculture, preservation and ownership of family archives, and “brain drain,” which operate underneath the film’s narrative.

The study guide found on the film’s DVD covers these topics and provides a perfect guide for high school or college classes, film clubs, or other groups looking to discuss this film!

Special note on paid admission: These kits are not designed for events where you charge admission, although we understand that you may want to collect donations. If you want to do an event with paid admission, contact us.

Special note for educators, librarians and student groups: These kits are licensed for community screenings. Classroom and library use requires the educational- licensed DVD.



Filmmaker-In-Person Screenings

If your organization can provide travel and accommodations and a small honorarium, director Ashley Maynor is more than happy to introduce the film and host a question and answer session after the screening. As an additional bonus, Ashley will lead a hands-on workshop or larger lecture on any one of the following topics or combination thereof:

Home Movies Preservation: A hands-on demonstration for how to preserve, transfer, and safely project your home movies!

Caring for Family Archives: A “how-to” demonstration and presentation of take home tips and resources for caring for your family’s precious photos and other documents.

Collecting Family Oral Histories: An easy-to-follow workshop to learn tips and techniques for interviewing your loved ones and creating audio and/or video oral histories to treasure for generations to come. Technology skills not required!

To discuss the possibility of a filmmaker-in-person screening, please contact us!


The production of For Memories' Sake was made possible by a grant from the Southern Humanities Media Fund.

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